Construction GPS Fleet Tracking

Build on a Foundation of Precision

Our Construction GPS Fleet Tracking solution lays the groundwork for unparalleled operational control and efficiency. Designed to withstand the rigors of the construction industry, our robust tracking system ensures your fleet is in the right place at the right time, every time.

Elevate your project management with real-time location data, route optimization, and asset monitoring that keep your operations ahead of schedule and under budget. Navigate your fleet to success and construct a legacy of reliability and excellence with our advanced GPS technology.

Easy To Use
and Feature Rich

Multi-Platform Support
iOS, Android, Web

Detailed Reports, Alerts and Analytics

DVIR, IFTA, ELD Integrations

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Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring

Keep a vigilant eye on your fleet with Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring. This tool provides live updates on vehicle locations and statuses, enabling quick response to any operational challenges and ensuring seamless waste management operations.

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PTO Sensor Integration

Enhance operational accuracy with our PTO Sensor Integration. Monitor equipment usage in real-time for efficient fleet management and maintenance, ensuring peak performance in waste collection and handling.

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ELD, DVIR, IFTA Integrations

Stay Compliant and Efficient with ELD, DVIR, and HOS. Our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) feature simplifies compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, while the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) ensures vehicle safety and maintenance checks. This comprehensive toolset not only keeps your fleet legally compliant but also enhances overall operational efficiency and safety.

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"The addition of your GPS tracking devices to our fleet of vehicles was one of the best things we have done to improve our service levels, and reduce costs by improving efficiencies and accurately tracking the locations and amount of time spent on a job site for proper billing.

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"One of the main reasons we installed GPS was that we were not satisfied with the work performance of our employees and vehicles being stolen. We needed to know when an employee started and finished per customer. Now we are no longer having issues because of the EAGLEi GPS system."

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"We always have had issues with overtime hours, driver's running late and not knowing if they were being honest or not. Since we installed the units in our trucks overtime has dropped 20% and drivers are now on time. It also helps when I can't get hold of a driver, I can simply look it up on our computer and see where they are."

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